Section II Project of Jinan Connecting Line of Beijing-Shanghai Expressway

Visits : Release time :2017-12-28

this project is constructed by The First Company of China Eighth Engineering Bureau Ltd. and is the pioneer pilot for company transformation and upgrade. With the total length of 6.632KM, the estimated budget investment is 1.50623 billion yuan. Along the line, 3 interchanges, 2 long tunnels, 1 medium bridge and 1 monitor communication maintenance station are provided. The Longding Tunnel has a length of 2,183.439M and the Ganggou Tunnel has a length of 1,105M, respectively ranking the second and the fifth in terms of the length of two-way eight-lane highway tunnel in the world. After completion, it will achieve the connection between south line of Jinan-Qingdao Expressway and overpass of Jinan Erhuan South Road, and Jinan-Qingdao Expressway and overpass of Jinan Erhuan East Road, and be of great significance to build a seamless urban express road network system in Jinan, ease urban traffic congestion in Jinan, and accelerate the development of the eastern urban area.